Boyko Andonov born in Sofia 1981.

       Living in UK since 2002 I teach classes and workshops for trained and untrained dancers on a regular basis. I enjoy teaching traditional dances in the manner of chained dancing which is the traditional norm but also enjoy working on choreographies. Some of my  inspiration comes  from the raw rustic sound of the many authentic musicians, whose music and lyrics is charged with strong and powerful message. Another source of inspiration is the work of the many Contemporary Ensembles for Bulgarian music and dance, which produce sophisticated music and dance pieces designed for performances.

        I am born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, where since age of six until my late teenage years I was trained as a dancer-performer in one of the most prominent Children's Ensembles in Bulgaria – ''Rosna Kitka'' led by Petar and Biser Grigorovy. Latter In my student years, my experience continued with “Academic Folklore Ensemble”- led by Ivan Todorov. During that time I have been involved in many performances, dance festivals, competitions, televised - programmes, national and international tours.

         My teaching experience in UK starts with a workshop at “Dance Base”- Edinborough back in 2005 with the kind support of James Mc Donald and Morag Davis. Since than I had the opportunity to teach workshops at various venues and events:

-       “Guilford University”- 2011

-       “Dance Attic Studios” – London, Regular Workshops between 2009 - 2007

-       “Sidmouth Dance and Music Festival” – 2009

-       “TANEC” Beginners and Intermediate level since 2009

-       “Bulgarian Embassy” – Charity Workshop 2010

-       “Dance Arround The World”- London, 2005-2012

-       “The Place” – London, regular class 2005-2006                                                                                          

         Parallel to this since 2004 I have been member of  “TANEC”- Bulgarian Dance Group, where we mainly focused on choreographies towards   performances. I have been taking an active part in organizing some of the group’s events and also have been looking after  and maintaining its costumes . Due to “TANEC” growing popular, since 2009 I have been given the opportunity to  teach  “TANEC” beginners and intermediate level every Thursday, while the main “TANEC” rehearsal is on a Friday.